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Our Advanced SEO Course is designed to get you ready for a job as a full-stack SEO specialist. This comprehensive course covers everything, from the fundamentals of the search industry to more advanced methods like off-page optimization, creating a content with right keywords, how to conduct audits, find and analyze your competitors’ SEO tactics, and assess their organic search presence.

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Fundamental Of SEO

The basics of search engine optimization, How it functions, Why SEO is crucial, How to make websites search engine friendly, Simple methods for establishing links that point back to your website

Keyword Research

What actually are keywords in SEO?

How to choose the right keywords, Importance of keywords in SEO, Mind Map, Competitor keywords analysis, Keyword Density

Google Algorithm

Google Panda, Google Penguin, Google Hummingbird, Google Mobile Friendly Update, Google Top Heavy Update, Google EMD Update, Google Pirate Update, Google Pigeon Update

on page seo

On-Page SEO

Website audit, Competitor Analysis, URL Mapping, Internal & External Links, Anchor text, Title tags, Meta Descriptions, Heading,  Alt tags,

off page seo

Off Page SEO

Link Building Techniques, XML, Custom 404, 301 and 302 Page Structure, Broken Links, Canonicalization, Google Map listing, guest Blogging,

technical seo

Technical SEO

Schema Markup, Robot txt, SSL importance, Responsiveness, Link juice, Video submission, Q&A submission, Do Follow & No Follow Links

on page seo

Local SEO

Local Ranking, Google Search Console, Google My Business, Local Site Submission, Local Map Submission

off page seo

Ecommerce SEO

Shopify is the dominant player in the e-commerce space. This SEO training will help to online shops like shopify in maximising their impact and sales. 

International SEO

Many B2B businesses have their presence outside the country. How to increase organic reach and create brand awareness in specific countries.

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With Anubhav's SEO training, you can launch your career as an SEO expert. Learn through implementing the newest techniques and resources for website optimization and boosting search engine rankings. To improve your SEO skills, learn from industry leaders and get real-world experience. You can learn technical SEO, on-page, off-page, Google Analytics, and Search Console abilities with the aid of this SEO certification

Tools We Use
Tools We Use
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