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Mechanical AutoCAD Courses Beginners To Advance

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Mechanical Autocad

Certificate Program in Mechanical AutoCAD

Mechanical AutoCAD Syllabus

  • Introduction to AutoCad
  • Change Workspace
  • Set Units In Drawing
  • Using Zoom and Pan
  • Draw a Line
  • Draw a Line using Coordinate System
  • Draw a Rectangle
  • Draw a Circle
  • Draw an Ellipse
  • Draw a Polygon
  • Draw an Arc
  • Draw Revision Cloud
  • Draw a Spline
  • Draw Polyline
  • Draw Construction Lines, Rays & Multiple Points
  • Select Drawing And Types Of Selection
  • Using Move Command
  • Using Copy Command to Copy any Object
  • Using Stretch Command
  • Using Scale Command
  • Using Rotate Command
  • Using Mirror Command
  • Using Offset Command
  • Rectangular Array
  • Polar & Path Array
  • Using Fillet Command
  • Using Chamfer Command
  • Using Trim Command
  • Using Extend Command
  • Break, Join, Erase, Oops, Undo & Redo.
  • Using Solid, Donut, Fill & Fill Mode Command
  • Using Lengthen Command
  • Using Multiline & Style
  • Using Divide & Measure Command
  • Using Function & Ortho Key
  • Using Osnap Function
  • Using Grid & Snap Command
  • Using Polar, Otrack & Dynamic Input
  • Draw Isometric Drawing
  • Hatch
  • Different Boundaries & Types of Hatch
  • Measure Object using Inquiry Command
  • Creating Dimensions using Dimension Tools
  • Modify Dimensions
  • Dimension Styles
  • Multileader & Multileader Styles
  • Creating Text Using Single & Multiline Text
  • Creating New Text Style And Edit An Old One
  • Creating Table & New Table Style
  • Edit & Import a Table From Excel
  • Changing Object Colour, Linetype & Linetype Scale
  • Creating Layers
  • Using Layer Drop Down Menu
  • Importing & Exporting Layer Files Using Layer States Manager
  • Changing Lineweight & Using Match & Property
  • Hiding & Isolating Objects
  • Copy, Cut And Past Object
  • Past Special
  • Creating a Group & Its Use
  • Creating Block Command And Its Use
  • Insert Block Command
  • Creating Library in Autocad using Write Block
  • Using Attribute Definition
  • Define a Block With Attributes
  • Using Xref Command
  • Using Attaching And Overlaying Xref
  • Remove Xref file In Drawing
  • Design Centre and Tool Palettes
  • Creating A Layouts
  • Creating a Title Block
  • Using Etransmit
  • Plotting Options
  • Exercise Of Array
  • Exercise Of Assembly
  • Exercise Of Circle, Line & Trim
  • Exercise Of Fillet, Circle, Polygon
  • Exercise Of Isometric Drawing
  • Isometric Project
  • Mechanical Project
  • changing Workspace and Visual Style with 3D
  • Create Box Cylinder And Cone
  • Create Sphere, Pyramid, Wedge & Torus
  • Using Extrude Command
  • Using Revolve Command
  • Using Sweep Command
  • Using Loft Command
  • Using Presspull Command
  • Create a Wall With Polysolid, Extrude & Presspull
  • Using Boolean Operation
  • Using Ucs And Dynamic Ucs Command?
  • Using 3D Orbit Command
  • Using 3D Array Command
  • Using 3D Rotate Command
  • Using 3D Move Command
  • Using 3D Mirror Command
  • Using Align And 3D Align Command
  • Using Slice Command
  • Using Imprint And Solid Edit Command
  • Using Tapper Face, Extrude Face and Offset Face
  • Using Shell Command.
  • Using Fillet Edge & Chamfer Command.
  • Using Extract And Offset Edges Command
  • Interfere Command
  • Using Section
  • Using Planar & Network Command
  • Using the Extrude Command
  • Using the Revolve Command
  • Using Sweep & Loft Command
  • Using Blend, Patch, Offset and Extend Commands
  • Using The Trim, Untrim & Fillet Command
  • Apply Material & Edit It
  • Apply Lighting and Rendering
  • Autocad 3D Exercise
  • Autocad 3D Project – 1
  • Autocad 3D Project – 2
  • Course Summary

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Duration: 2 Months

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Limited Seats!

Ruta katre
Ruta katre
Currently learning advanced excel. So far so good. I would like to mention that the staff is very nice and helpful. I lost access to my practice sessions due to unprecedented medical condition and the staff helped me get it reactivated.
Sanika Yede
Sanika Yede
MSCIT course from here. Was a great experience and I am enjoying learning here. Teachers are very helpful.
Shraddha Pagare
Shraddha Pagare
I am learning advance Excel from this institute. Teachers here are very good and learnt many concepts from here that will benefit me in my studies
Shubham Salunkhe
Shubham Salunkhe
I have joint for MSCIT class in anubhav Institute at chembur branch. I have a great experience. I have learnt a lot from here
Pushpendra Verma
Pushpendra Verma
I am learning Tally and advance Excel. maam is very good and learnt many new concepts from here and teacher guides us well
Arvind Ram
Arvind Ram
I am learning tally and Excel from here and I have had a great time learning here and learnt many concepts.
Uzma Khatoon
Uzma Khatoon
Advance Excel Teacher here is very good and makes me understand all concepts and my relation with them is very good

Professional Mechanical AutoCAD Certificate

Anubhav Mechanical AutoCAD Class Near Chembur Station (Head office)

Anubhav Mechanical AutoCAD Class Near Govandi Station

Anubhav Mechanical AutoCAD Class Near Chembur Naka

Advanced Excel Course in Mumbai

About Mechanical AutoCAD course

Anubhav Computer Institute offers Professional Mechanical AutoCAD Courses in Mumbai. Mechanical AutoCAD helps designers to create blueprints for bridges, buildings, and computer chips. AutoCAD is used in construction, architecture, and preparation of manufacturing blueprints and other engineering plans. Learn how  AutoCAD is used by drafters & other professionals. Diploma in Mechanical AutoCAD Course is a short-term certified diploma. In practically all engineering domains, Mechanical AutoCAD is the most often used CAD program for drafting, annotating, and designing 2D and 3D geometry as well as automating floor plans, sections, and elevations. Design more quickly with tools tailored to your industry.

We have a training path for everyone, whether you’re a novice, a proficient, student, or a professional.
We serve as your career-advancing catalyst.

Frequently asked Questions For Mechanical AutoCAD

Our training center is conveniently located in Chembur, near Govandi and Chembur Naka.

You can enroll by visiting our website or contacting our office directly. Also Contact Directly Whatsapp No.  +91 91672 43835 Phone No. +91 9167243835

Yes, we offer both online and offline classes to cater to different preferences. You can choose the mode that suits your schedule and learning style.

Yes, a certificate is provided upon course completion, and placement assistance is offered to help you secure relevant job opportunities.

The course fee is 14,000/- for the entire program.

The course duration is 2 months, providing a condensed and intensive learning experience.

Get in touch with us directly by visiting one of our locations,  and get enrolled in placement-based courses.

All courses include a modern curriculum that is tailored to help students advance their careers. Every student has a unique system at our educational institution so they can study more effectively. We have a strong presence in the Five locations in Mumbai, and all of our instructors are technically proficient due to the daily training they offer to preserve their knowledge and competence. 

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