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Certificate Program in 3D Character Animation

Ruta katre
Ruta katre
Currently learning advanced excel. So far so good. I would like to mention that the staff is very nice and helpful. I lost access to my practice sessions due to unprecedented medical condition and the staff helped me get it reactivated.
Sanika Yede
Sanika Yede
MSCIT course from here. Was a great experience and I am enjoying learning here. Teachers are very helpful.
Shraddha Pagare
Shraddha Pagare
I am learning advance Excel from this institute. Teachers here are very good and learnt many concepts from here that will benefit me in my studies
Shubham Salunkhe
Shubham Salunkhe
I have joint for MSCIT class in anubhav Institute at chembur branch. I have a great experience. I have learnt a lot from here
Pushpendra Verma
Pushpendra Verma
I am learning Tally and advance Excel. maam is very good and learnt many new concepts from here and teacher guides us well
Arvind Ram
Arvind Ram
I am learning tally and Excel from here and I have had a great time learning here and learnt many concepts.
Uzma Khatoon
Uzma Khatoon
Advance Excel Teacher here is very good and makes me understand all concepts and my relation with them is very good

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  • Expert Faculty

  • Comprehensive Course Curriculum

  • Flexible Learning Options

  • Placement Assistance

  • Positive Reviews and Reputation

  • Certification Programs

  • Flexible timing

  • Industry Relevant Curriculum

3D Character Animation Course Syllabus

  • The 12 Principles of Animation
  • Setting Up Project Folder
  • Understanding Tangents in Maya

  • Understanding the Motion Trail tool for Animation


  • Fundamental Of Keyframing, Timing and Spacing
  • Animating a Stationary Bouncing Ball Part 1
  • Bouncing Ball

  • Graph Editor

  • Finishing Generic Ball Bounce
  • Squash and Stretch

  • Ball Exercise

  • Ball Exercise Review
  • Animation Scene Setup

  • Animating the Translation and Rotation of a Bouncing Ball Part 2

  • Animating Two Objects With Different Weights Part 1
  • Animating Two Objects With Different Weights Part 2
  • Animating a Pendulum

  • Using Parent Constraints Part 1 & 2

  • Creating Appealing Poses Part 1
  • Creating Appealing Poses Part 2
  • Creating Appealing Poses Part 3
  • Creating Appealing Poses Part 4
  • Animating a Head Turn
  • Animating Weight Change- Blocking Part 1

  • Animating Weight Change- Blocking Plus & Timing Part 2
  • Animating Weight Change- Polish- Lower Body Part 3
  • Animating Weight Change- Polish- Spine Part 4
  • Animating Weight Change- Polish- Arms Part 5
  • Animating Weight Change- Final Polish Part 6
  • Simple Jump Animation Exercise- Blocking Part 1

  • Simple Jump Animation Exercise- Timing and Breakdown Part 2

  • Simple Jump Animation Exercise- Final Polish Part 3
  • Follow Through

  • Follow Through Polish

  • Antics, Contrast, and Overshoots
  • Constraints

  • Animating a Punch- Blocking- Part 1

  • Animating a Punch- Breakdown Pose & Timing- Part 2
  • Animating a Punch- Polish- Part 3

  • Animating Heavy Objects-Blocking Part 1

  • Animating Heavy Objects-Blocking Plus Part 2
  • Animating Heavy Objects-Blocking Plus Part 3
  • Animating Heavy Objects-Splining & Timing Part 4
  • Animating Heavy Objects-Polish Part 5
  • Animating a Progressive WalkCycle- Hips & Legs Part 1
  • Animating a Progressive WalkCycle- Spine Part 2
  • Animating a Progressive WalkCycle- Arms Part 3
  • Animating a Progressive WalkCycle- Head Part 4

  • Animating Eye Blink

  • Animating a Dialogue- Mouth Shapes Part 1

  • Animating a Dialogue- Breaking Symmetry & Timing Part 2 

  • Animating a Dialogue- Animating Eye Brows and Eyes Part 3

  • Animating a Dialogue- Polish Part 4


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Duration: 4 Months

About 3D Character Animation

3D Character Animation involves the process of bringing digital characters to life within a three- dimensional environment. It is a dynamic and creative field that combines technical skills with artistic expression to create compelling and realistic character movements.

3D Character Animation offers endless possibilities for creating immersive and captivating digital experiences, making it an exciting and rewarding career path for aspiring animators and artists.

Job Opportunity In 3D Character Animation

3D Character Animation

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Frequently asked questions For 3D Character Animation

Our training center is conveniently located in Chembur, near Govandi and Chembur Naka.

You can enroll by visiting our website or contacting our office directly. Also Contact Directly Whatsapp No.  +91 91672 43835 Phone No. +91 9167243835

Yes, we offer both online and offline classes to cater to different preferences. You can choose the mode that suits your schedule and learning style.

Yes, a certificate is provided upon course completion, and placement assistance is offered to help you secure relevant job opportunities.

The course fee is 30,000/- for the entire program.

The course duration is 4 months, providing a condensed and intensive learning experience.

3D Character Animation Course with Certification and
100% Placement Assistance

This 3D Character Animation certification course will give you hands-on development experience and prepare you for an exciting career as a professional 3D Character Animation. Training Course will teach you 3D Character Animation with the certification 100% guarantee placement.

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