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Adobe After Effects Course

About Course

Want to add motion into your creative? Adobe After Effects is the best choice for you. Adobe After Effects allows you to create videos containing animation and special effects for graphics-related projects. You can use After Effects to animate, alter, and composite media using various tools and optional plug-ins. So, Learn it from Basic to Advanced with 100% Practical and Industry Expert and Master Yourself.

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Course Features

  • Most comprehensive Adobe After Effects course online and offline.
  • Duration of the course – 2 Months.
  • Self-assessment quizzes and Practice drawings at the end of every lecture.
  • New features of Adobe After Effects and updated version included.
  • Taught by certified professional.
  • Includes both theory as well as practical training.

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Adobe After Effects Syllabus

  • About text layers 
  • Creating and formatting point text vs paragraph text 
  • Using a text animation preset 
  • Text on a path 
  • Animating imported Photoshop text 
  • Animating text using a path animation preset 
  • Using a text animators 
  • Adding properties 
  • Adding a range selector 
  • Using a text animator group
  • Styling the main & secondary text
  • Adding a cross-fade between the video & title text 
  • Working in the Render Queue 
  • Using masks to create a vignette
  • Resizing images to fit the Composition frame 
  • Setting layer in points using the In column 
  • Aligning still images & changing anchor points
  • Adjusting animation timing
  • Pen tool
  • About masks 
  • Creating a mask with the Pen tool 
  • Editing a mask 
  • Feathering the edges of a mask 
  • Replacing the content of the mask 
  • Mask interpolation 
  • Using masks from Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Adding a shape layer 
  • Creating custom shapes 
  • Creating stars 
  • Default properties of shape layers
  • Creating cross-dissolves (“fade-ups”) between layers 
  • Pre-composing layers 
  • Scaling up vector layers 
  • Adding a fade to black using a solid color layer 
  • How to find missing project files
  • Scaling up multiple child layers using a Null Object 
  • Creating a color wedge using a shape layer 
  • Animating the Rotation property 
  • Changing text values using hold keyframes
  • Using the Invert effect to swap black & white 
  • Using the Graph Editor to customize easing speed 
  • Animating vector shapes using the Trim Paths feature 
  • More null objects
  • Sequencing multiple compositions 
  • Animating like an editor: overlapping shots & using blending modes 
  • Adding audio to a composition 
  • Time remapping 
  • Auto orient 
  • Adjustment layers 
  • The effects and presets panel
  • Particles
  • Tracking
  • Erase tool
  • Gradient Wipe 
  • Displacement Map
  • About the Puppet tools
  • Adding Deform pins 
  • Defining areas of overlap
  • Introduction to camera angles & monitor views 
  • Creating 3d text with lights & shadows 
  • Setting up a 3d scene
  • Animating a 3D scene
  • Creating templates for the Render Queue 
  • Exporting using the Render Queue 
  • Rendering movies with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Duration – 2 Months
  • Fees – 27,000/-

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My self Sumit Thorat and I am doing computer course at Anubhav and it is the Best Institute for Video Editing in Chembur Naka and My teacher Netraj sir teaching so well and nice.
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