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Certificate Program in Computer Hardware

About HardWare Course

Having a solid understanding of operating systems (OS) and how they interact with hardware is crucial for hardware support technicians. Along with familiarity with various operating systems, it’s critical to grasp the prerequisites for installing an operating system, the actual actions involved, the features of Windows, hard disc partitioning, etc. Additionally, it is usually advantageous to understand certain fundamental networking principles.

Simply said, a hardware support technician installs, troubleshoots, maintains, and fixes many kinds of hardware IT assets. Desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, power supplies, RAM, cooling systems, and monitors are some examples of these IT Hardware assets.

Hardware Engineer Career

A hardware support specialist can work for firms that have an IT infrastructure that includes PCs and laptops or for businesses that sell and support hardware.

He or she has the option of working as a worker or an IT hardware support consultant. A fresher may receive up to Rs. 100,000 per year.

He or she would work with a group of such more hardware and network support professionals who would direct them in any normal industry enterprise having even a basic IT Infrastructure containing desktops and laptops. Depending on his or her interests and skills, he or she may choose to pursue a career as a system administrator or an engineer.

An IT Hardware Support Technician typically employs multi-meters, hardware monitors, and IT Helpdesk to support hardware. knowing only a few

Anurag Yadav
Anurag Yadav
Teaching environment it's goods, computer is goods to use .
Sumeet Nikam
Sumeet Nikam
Good classes and very nice teachers and sir 👍
Prince Kaushal
Prince Kaushal
I love being in the class the staff was whear very good
I loved being in the classes, the staff was where very good they also provide good study material.
Tushar Jinjothe
Tushar Jinjothe
Teachers r teaching well
Amandeep Jogadia MSCIT I thoroughly enjoy learning through Anubhav Computer Institute.. Highly recommend. Kind and helpful teaching faculty.
ansari pihu
ansari pihu
Ansari Rahila I am Rahila Ansari anubhav class students I am very happy to join the this class

Hardware Course Syllabus

  • Computer Fundamentals.
  • ⌛Introduction to Computers.
  • ⌛Types of Computers.
  • ⌛Introduction to Input Output Devices.
  • ⌛Introduction to Storage Devices.
  • ⌛Principals of Data Communication.
  • ⌛Hardware Configuration
  • ⌛Basic Electricity and Electronics
  • ⌛Work of Different ICs.
  • ⌛Introduction to basic components of a typical PC.
  • ⌛Assembling a PC.
  • ⌛Basic Trouble shooting during the assembling.
  • ⌛Basic troubleshooting of PC.
  • ⌛BIOS & Installing Operating System.
  • ⌛Boards and Other Components testing Logic and Digital Multi-Meter Using.
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