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Certificate Program in Computer Hardware

About HardWare Course

Having a solid understanding of operating systems (OS) and how they interact with hardware is crucial for hardware support technicians. Along with familiarity with various operating systems, it’s critical to grasp the prerequisites for installing an operating system, the actual actions involved, the features of Windows, hard disc partitioning, etc. Additionally, it is usually advantageous to understand certain fundamental networking principles.

Simply said, a hardware support technician installs, troubleshoots, maintains, and fixes many kinds of hardware IT assets. Desktops, laptops, printers, scanners, power supplies, RAM, cooling systems, and monitors are some examples of these IT Hardware assets.

Hardware Engineer Career

A hardware support specialist can work for firms that have an IT infrastructure that includes PCs and laptops or for businesses that sell and support hardware.

He or she has the option of working as a worker or an IT hardware support consultant. A fresher may receive up to Rs. 100,000 per year.

He or she would work with a group of such more hardware and network support professionals who would direct them in any normal industry enterprise having even a basic IT Infrastructure containing desktops and laptops. Depending on his or her interests and skills, he or she may choose to pursue a career as a system administrator or an engineer.

An IT Hardware Support Technician typically employs multi-meters, hardware monitors, and IT Helpdesk to support hardware. knowing only a few

Ruta katre
Ruta katre
Currently learning advanced excel. So far so good. I would like to mention that the staff is very nice and helpful. I lost access to my practice sessions due to unprecedented medical condition and the staff helped me get it reactivated.
Sanika Yede
Sanika Yede
MSCIT course from here. Was a great experience and I am enjoying learning here. Teachers are very helpful.
Shraddha Pagare
Shraddha Pagare
I am learning advance Excel from this institute. Teachers here are very good and learnt many concepts from here that will benefit me in my studies
Shubham Salunkhe
Shubham Salunkhe
I have joint for MSCIT class in anubhav Institute at chembur branch. I have a great experience. I have learnt a lot from here
Pushpendra Verma
Pushpendra Verma
I am learning Tally and advance Excel. maam is very good and learnt many new concepts from here and teacher guides us well
Arvind Ram
Arvind Ram
I am learning tally and Excel from here and I have had a great time learning here and learnt many concepts.
Uzma Khatoon
Uzma Khatoon
Advance Excel Teacher here is very good and makes me understand all concepts and my relation with them is very good

Hardware Course Syllabus

  • Identifying System Unit Components
  • Motherboard Overview
  • Motherboards -Input-output Ports
  • Motherboards Expansion Slots
  • Motherboard buses
  • Motherboards-CPU Sockets
  • Understanding CPU Characteristics -Part 1
  • Understanding CPU Characteristics -Part 2
  • CPU Cooling Techniques
  • Motherboards-Jumpers and Power Connectors
  • Motherboards -Fans
  • Multimedia Devices
  • Display Cables and Connectors
  • Identifying Storage Devices
  • SATA Drives
  • PATA Drives
  • SCSI Drives
  • RAID Drives -Part 1
  • Understanding Laser Printers -Part 1
  • Understanding Laser Printers -Part2
  • Laser Printer Maintenance-Calibration & Cleaning
  • Laser Printer -Toner Replacement & Maintenance Kits
  • Understanding Inkjet Printers
  • Inkjet Printer Cleaning and Maintanance
  • Understanding Thermal Printers
  • Understanding Impact Printers
  • Setting up and Installing a Printer
  • Installing Various Types of Hardware Components
  • Assembling a PC
  • Laptop Hardware- Speakers, Motherboards & CPU
  • Laptop Hardware-Memory & Optical Drives
  • Laptop RAM and SSDs
  • Laptop Components- Express Cards
  • Laptop Components- Expansion Cards
  • Tablets vs Laptops
  • Working with BIOS
  • Configuring BIOS settings
  • Troubleshooting Hard Drives
  • Troubleshooting Printers
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