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Performance Marketing Specialist is one of the highly compensated streams, particularly in the online marketing sector, which creates chances for business owners, marketing agencies, and marketing experts.


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Our performance marketing course is results-oriented and will equip you with online marketing tactics as well as critical thinking abilities that will help you execute successful campaigns that are 100% measurable, data-driven, and ROI-focused. The course for this Performance Marketing Certification Course has been meticulously designed by our professors, who are experts in eCommerce marketing. You will benefit from this course as you improve your knowledge of performance marketing.

The way that people search and purchase goods on the internet has changed the world forever. However, it has also changed how companies’ market and sell their items online. A marketer can gain an advantage over rivals by using performance marketing. in order to provide his organization with the necessary web-based sales boost. 

Performance marketing

Introduction Of Performane Marketing

What is Performance Marketing? How Does it Work? What are it's benefits?

Advanced ads Planning, Creation, Execution and Analytics

SMM ads

Channels Used for Performance Marketing

Types of social media channel for PM, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Social media advertising strategy.

Schedule Flexibility
Media Buying & Planning

What is Media Buying and Planning in Digital Marketing? How to optimize the ads? How to detemine KPI? The art of budget distribution. How to reduce CPM?

Robust Content Marketing Strategy

Role of Content Marketing in PM. How to create content that helps improve sales conversion. Creating Business telling stories. 


LTV - LifeTime Value

Understanding the statistic, the expected "Lifetime Value" of a certain consumer  highlighted over the course of their entire relationship with the brand. How to use LTV using the cutting-edge techniques

Data Manager

Search Engine Marketing

Establishing Your Campaign Goals, Generating Brand Awareness, Handling Potential Pitfalls, Creating Proven ROI. Effective Campaigns with highest ROI and lowest CPC

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Performance marketing is evolving and becoming more sophisticated. So enroll in our advanced performance marketing course today to start enjoying the advantages.

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Tools We Use
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