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Our PPC course gives you the professional skills and competitive edge to navigate the PPC marketing landscape while assisting you in comprehending and mastering the world of Google Ads PPC.



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  • Our training gives you an advantage in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of digital marketing. After completing the course, you have the option of working as a freelancer for several companies at once or taking a full-time role as a PPC specialist for an organisation. You can also work for Advertising agencies that offer you excellent exposure and a wide range of experiences.

Google Ads is the top pay-per-click (PPC) company in the digital advertising business, offering a range of tools and goods for various sectors. Depending on the requirements, you can create several ad campaigns on Google. PPC has become as one of the most popular strategies for marketing your company and its goods online. There is a tool designed just for you based on your needs. Anubhav’s Google Ads PPC Certification Training is a comprehensive training course designed to give students a solid foundation in the theory and practise of Google Ads PPC, including creating and managing PPC campaigns, CRO creating different ads campaigns, tracking the outcome with the most recent tools and techniques. 

We offer in-depth training to make sure that our students are given the most recent modules.  The entire course strategies and Ad Campaigns are taught by qualified professionals with more than 12 years of experience in the field. Our diploma course teaches you how to use Google Ads to grow your business by bringing in constant & valuable web traffic and improving sales conversion. The majority of today’s consumers use Google when searching for goods and services online, and many companies suffer losses because the Google Ads campaigns of their rivals are more effective. Learn how to use Google’s algorithms more effectively to ensure that your advertising is effective by completing this certification course.

Performance marketing

Module 1

  • Introduction to Google Ads, Account Setup, Billing Methods, Account Structure and Limits, Google Ads Interface, how to create, and optimize profitable Google AdWords campaigns, Google Ad Tools

SMM ads

Module 2

Types of Campaigns, Ad Groups, Types of Ads, Auctions, Quality Score, Landing Pages Importance, Defining the Campaign objective, Location Targeting, Language Settings, Knowing Google Partners, Bidding Strategies, Defining the Budget, Ad Scheduling, delivery, Rotation

Schedule Flexibility
Module 3

Ad Extensions, Sitelinks Extension, Callout Extension, Structured Snippet, Call Extension, Message, Location  Extension,  Promotion Extension, App Extension, Automated Extensions

Module 4

Remarketing, How to build audience list, Types of Remarketing Audience, Website audience, App Audience, Customer List, Custom Remarketing List, Create a Remarketing Campaign, Remarketing Ads, Conversion Tracking, Common troubleshooting issues. Measuring Results of Campaign.


Module 5

Google Ad Merchant Account

Shopping Ad Campaigns, Setting up Google Merchant Centre, Datafeed Setup, Types of Datafeed, Datafeed Properties, Adgroups and Product groups, Bidding strategies, Reporting and Analysis

Data Manager

Module 6

Bing Ads, What is Bing Ads, Benefits of Bing Ads, Creating a Bing Ads Account, Types of Campaigns, Creating a Campaign, Bidding and Budget Settings, Location Targeting Options

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