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Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

It is extremely important to understand the fundamentals of Digital Marketing. What, Why, When, Who and How of Digital Marketing are the most important aspects. You must know the purpose of the Digital Marketing of your business, Who needs and when and what is the need of your target audiences. Understanding the marketing mix and when do you need to use? And the most important aspect of DM that is Marketing Strategy. You will learn how to create a robust marketing strategy for different clients.

Digital marketing is crucially dependent on search engine optimization (SEO). It is a method that helps businesses in enhancing the Google page rank of their website. This helps to reach the intended audience and persuade them to visit. Today, SEO expertise is in great demand since nearly all businesses, irrespective of size, have websites.

What Will You Learn?

  • *What is SEO and why is it important?
    *Off Page SEO
    *On-Page SEO
    *Technical SEO
    *How do search engines work?
    *What is Google SERP
    *What is Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking?
  • *How to search for the right keywords?
  • *What are Long-tail, Short-tail, Branded and Niche Keywords?
  • *Google Search Console
  • *Google My Business
  • *How to do Website audit?
  • *Importance of Website Speed, Responsiveness and Sitemaps
  • *Site Architect
  • *Keywords Density
  • *Choosing the right URL for your Website
  • *Ranking Factors
  • *How to create robust SEO strategies
  • *SEO for Ecommerce Websites
  • *International SEO
  • *Local SEO
  • *What are hyperlinks?
  • *What is 404, 301, 302?
  • *Video SEO
  • *Voice Search Optimization

Tools You Will Master

  • *Google Search Console
  • *Bing Webmaster
  • *Google My Business
  • *Ahref
  • *Ubersuggest
  • *SEMrush
  • *Answer The Public
  • *Google Trends
  • *SEOQuake

The two components of social media optimisation are organic and paid. Our SMM Course Includes Advanced Modules That Are Mostly Useful For Business Expansion Organically By Using Different Organic Viraling Techniques. Using Paid and Organic Advertising On Various Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, Etc.

What Will Your Learn? 

  •  *Understanding of social media.
    *How do social media platforms help in business growth?
    *Establishing your online presence.
    *Knowing Your Ideal Clientele
    *Keeping Audience Engaged.
    *Using forums and groups.
    *How to Set Up a Personal and Business Account on Social Media Platforms
    * How to organically market your business?
    *How to create an effective campaigns?
    *How to run paid ad campaigns?
    *How can you measure the effectiveness of your advertising?
  • *Facebook Organic & Ads
  • *LinkedIn Organic & Ads
  • *Twitter  Organic & Ads
  • *Instagram Organic & Ads
  • *Snapchat
  • *Pinterest
  • *Influencer Marketing

Social Media Management Tool
1. Buffer
2. Hootsuite
3. Tailwind
4. Inflact

Search Engine Marketing involves promoting your brand’s presence through paid advertising via search engines. This Search Engine Marketing certification online training course includes detailed study of PPC, Google AdWords, building paid advertising campaigns, tracking, optimizing and remarketing. You will gain hands-on experience through live projects to understand the requirements of the industry during this SEM Marketing course.

What Will Your Learn? 

  • *Search Engine Marketing Overview
    *Aspects of the Google AdWords strategy in general
    *Selecting the appropriate keywords for a marketing campaign
    *Different types of keyword matches and their importance
    *Knowing the PPC auction model
    *Establishing the right budget and an advertising campaign
    *Making the campaign’s structure depend on different conversion variables
    *Using the appropriate measures for analyzing performance
    *Creating dynamic ads and split-testing campaigns
    *Display Ads
  • *Search Ads
  • *Performance Max Ads
  • *Image Ads
  • *Video Ads
  • *Discovery Ads
  • *Local Ads


The process of building a new website is challenging since it requires understanding code, which may be challenging to master. However, that is not the case with WordPress. Technical or coding knowledge is not required. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). It’s a popular tool for those who wish to create websites and blogs but have no prior coding knowledge. 

What Will You Learn?

  • *How to Install WordPress and Xampp?
  • *How To Choose the right Theme for your Business?
  • *What are Plugins and which are best for your website?
  • *Understanding differences between Posts and Pages?
  • *How to create a new  page and design it?
  • *How to create internal and external links?
  • *How to upload images, vidoes and audio and add to the page?
  • *How to create customized Menus?
  • *What are widgets?
  • *How to make your site Mobile friendly?
  • *How to integrate Social Media Channels?
  • *How to create CTA and redesign?
  • Understanding the dashboard.

Tools You will Master

  • *Elementor
  • *Ubersuggest
  • Seoptimier

 Incorporate eye-catching graphics, your brand logo, and a clear call-to-action inviting users to explore your website creations. Use bold text to highlight key benefits, such as “Get a Modern and Responsive Website Now!” or “Transform Your Online Presence with our Expert Designers!” Canva

The main objective of online reputation management, or ORM, is to improve the perception of a brand or company. To influence the perceptions of current and potential consumers and eventually give the company an image of reliability and reliability, every action a brand does should be observed and controlled, and here comes the role of ORM.

What Will You Learn?

  • *Do a comprehensive review of your online reputation, taking note of any unfavorable remarks, etc.
    *Create a plan for managing your online reputation
    *Keep track of every activity, including mentions and comments.
    *Encourage customers to post favorable reviews
    *How maintaining their brand reputation and keeping track of unfavorable comments can help them cultivate enduring relationships with their clients.



Quora is a professional question and answer platform, used for latest Business trends, enquiries, and high quality content.

What Will You Learn?

  • *Importance of Quora in today’s modern marketing technology
  • *How to create your professional quora account?
  • *How to reach your target audiences?
  • *How to build your brand credibility using quora?
  • *How to run paid campaigns on quora?
  • *How to generate high-quality traffic from quora?

Media Planning and Buying is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. 

What Will You Learn?

  • *Proper Media Planning & Buying Method
  • *Purpose of Media Planning and Buying
  • *What are Digital Media Channels?
  • *What is Media Vehicle?
  • *Getting the right Media Mix
  • *How to allocate the budget?
  • *How to Outline the Media Goals?
  • *How to define your audiences?
  • *Market Research
  • *How to Monitor, Measure and Improve?

Google Analytics is a crucial tool for digital marketing and e-commerce. It is utilized for elementary data analysis tasks including monitoring website traffic, session duration, and bounce rates. A marketing specialist’s duties include managing SEO efforts, social media promotion, and managing ad campaigns. Therefore, these experts must compile, carry out, and conduct statistical analysis on massive datasets.

What Will You Learn?

  • *Learn the essentials of web metrics and web analytics & how web analytics could help your business.
    *Methodologies for web analytics that are common and suited for many website kinds.
    *The main functions, attributes, and capabilities of Google Analytics.
    *Learn how to set up your Google Analytics profiles and accounts as well as access control methods for your profiles and accounts.
    *How to create customized reports including those on website users, traffic sources, content, objectives, etc.
    *How to comprehend site metrics data by analyzing Google Analytics’ standard reports.
    *Discover how to use and build filters in Google Analytics.
    *Learn how to define filters, make goals, and develop funnels.

Tools You Will Master.

  • *Google Analytics
  • *Pixels
  • *Google Tag Manager
Shravni Chaukekar
Shravni Chaukekar
Course : programming languages ( C,C++, Java) The faculty here is excellent..Saina mam was my teacher here. She made sure to make the concepts as clear as possible for me and also cleared my doubts well.. Overall a good experience here
2801 Alaina shaikh
2801 Alaina shaikh
I am learning MS CIT a very friendly environment makes my learning fun
Sneha Chauhan
Sneha Chauhan
Aniket Jaiswar
Aniket Jaiswar
Course:mscit it is to easy to understand and very helpful to connect to digital world through Anubhav
Aditya Sahu
Aditya Sahu
Currently doing advanced Excel in anubhav institute ..and have to say that this class have some of the best trainers and many wonderful courses !!
Khan Arbaz
Khan Arbaz
Best experience in this institute & teacher are best
Haresh Thakur
Haresh Thakur
MSCST I like this course
Sayyed Zaid
Sayyed Zaid
Ms cit im interested
Disha Shah
Disha Shah
Disha Shah Mscit course... Till now good the way of teaching... Karishma ma'am is very polite nd her way of teaching is excellent

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According to an analysis of Google Trends search data, digital marketing skills are among the top trending employment skills. You should start learning digital marketing if you want to enhance your remuneration. The salary for positions in digital marketing is high owing to the increasing demand.

Digital marketing is a skill that people from all walks of life can benefit from. Here are some professionals who should take a training course in digital marketing and who might gain right away from doing so.

  • 🌟Students
  • 🌟Marketing Professionals 
  • 🌟Career Switchers
  • 🌟Entreprenuers
  • 🌟IT Professionals etc.

Anubhav Computer Institute offers One of the top professional programmes for a highly lucrative career in Online Marketing is the digital marketing master’s programme. The course offers a well-rounded combination of theoretical and practical instruction, with specialists from the sector serving as your mentors.

This course is created by experts to give you a practical learning experience with the ultimate goal of preparing you for current marketing tactics.  The entire course covers all significant marketing strategies.

Anubhav Computer Institute has top-notch, committed instructors who are well-versed in all aspects of Internet marketing. Our faculty comprises professional instructors who are competent, highly certified, and capable of providing the best training for each unique applicant.

Yes, of course! On successful completion of the Digital Marketing Course, we offer 100% Job Assistance to our students.

Yes, we provide both online and offline classes for flexibility. You can select the type of learning that best fits your schedule and preferences. We have you covered whether you like the ease of online learning or the face-to-face engagement of offline classes.


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