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Growth hack Facebook Ads with Digital Marketing, Social Media. FB advertising 101. Create profitable Facebook and Instagram ads. You will learn what are various strategies to approach your target audience. By enrolling in the course you can even earn money through Facebook and Instagram ads. The Facebook & Instagram Marketing course helps you to attract targeted followers, converting your followers to paying customers. And you can also know how the platform helps you to expand your business. In this course, you will learn all the powerful strategies on facebook & Instagram to develop your business.


Institute Diploma


  • Key Things you will learn:
    • How to reach millions of people
    • How to create engaging ads on Facebook and Instagram
    • How to monetize the people for selling your products
    • How to exponentially increase the likes and shares
    • How to create super-optimized pages on Facebook
    • Facebook pixel
    • Social media targeting on Facebook
    • Social media targeting on Instagram
    • Current trends in Facebook ads
    • Current trends in Instagram ads
    • Retargeting

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