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Excel Course in Chembur

Certificate Program in Advanced Excel Course

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About Advanced Excel Course

Microsoft Excel Software remains one of the most important software used in workplaces around the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable skill to your employability portfolio. Across the globe, millions of job advertisements requiring Excel skills are posted every day. Completing this course will put you ahead of the competition at a time when employment requiring digital abilities are expanding significantly faster than jobs requiring non-digital skills. This advanced Excel course is intended for experienced Excel users and will demonstrate complex functions and formulas.

Skills You will acquire:

  • How to use INDEX and MATCH to reference data.
    ✔Utilizing operations like RIGHT, CELL, LEN, and FIND to alter text-string data.
  • ✔Using tools for data analysis, such as data tables and pivot tables
    ✔Mastering charting tools, such as making gauge charts

Who Can Enroll in this Course?

Anyone who wishes to take their career
to heights can enroll in the best Advanced
Excel Course at Anubhav Institute

VBA developer
VBA Developer
Data Manager
Data Manager
MIS executive
MIS Executive
Financial Manager
Finance Manager
What Will You Learn?
What Will You Learn?

Industry skills you gain are invaluable.

  • ✔Improve Your Skills:- Visualize and manipulate data, clean up and prepare data for analysis, analyzes the information quickly and accurately, also builds complex equations to help you pose and answer questions about company finances, efficiency, workflow, inventory and solve business problems with the advanced application of data.
  • ✔ Increase Efficiency: – Advance Excel makes you more efficient. More importantly, though, understanding Excel at an advanced level enables you to complete a variety of other tasks more quickly. Make decisions more quickly, find the answers to questions immediately, and also help team projects move along much more swiftly.
  • ✔Makes Your Job Easier:- Excel involves the use many shortcuts. Those shortcuts are applicable in more than just Microsoft Office, that you can use them across your tasks and in other software as well. Learning advanced Excel strategies can help you become more proficient using the entire suite of Microsoft products.
  • ✔Smart Work over Hard Work
  • ✔Handling Big Data
  • ✔Meeting Work Deadlines
  • ✔Shortcut Tricks and Tips

Advanced Excel Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Data Management
  • How do professionals organize their data?
  • Meta Data and Big Data
  • Freelance Data Entry Jobs
  • Introduction to Typing
  • Keyboarding
  • Ergonomic Typing

Using different types of keys and symbols in typing Google Docs – Voice Typing Lipikaar App

  • Using different types of keys and symbols in typing
  • Google Docs – Voice Typing
  • Lipikaar App
  • Text Formulas
  • Text Manipulation Functions
  • Apply Custom Data Formats
  • Use Advanced Fill Options
  • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
  • Apply Custom Styles and Templates
  • Use Form Controls
  • Prepare Workbooks for Internationalization
  • Use Outlines
  • Use Custom Views
  • Basic Excel Charts
  • Use Area, Scatter & Stock Charts
  • Use Surface, Radar & Combination Charts
  • Create Custom Chart Templates
  • Work with Sparkline’s
  • Pivot Tables
  • Use Pivot Charts
  • Create Dashboard using Pivot Table
  • Using Power Query
  • Use of Macros
  • Using Data Tables
  • Create Dashboard using Pivot Table
  • Using Power Query
  • Use What-If Analysis Tools
  • Create Scenarios
  • Merge Scenarios
  • Create Scenario Summaries
  • Use Data Tables
  • Manage Workbook Versions
  • Copy Styles between Workbooks
  • Copy Macros between Workbooks
  • Use Track Changes and Comments
  • Merge Workbooks
  • Protect Workbooks for Sharing
  • Connect To External Data
  • File Conversion from PDF to Word
  • Functions
  • Apply functions in formulas
  • Mathematical Functions
  • Financial functions
  • Useful Data Functions
  • Some Other Useful Functions
  • Look up data by using functions
  • Apply advanced date and time functions
  • Functions for Manipulating Text
  • Arrays
  • Working with Google Sheets
  • Working with Google Forms
  • Working with Google Keep
  • Using Writer
  • Using Calc
  • Using Komprehend
  • Using Google Data Studio
  • Using Komprehend
  • Excel Shortcuts
  • Mail Merge in MS Word
  • Compare Docs using MS Word
  • What is a DBMS and its purpose?
  • Types of DBMS
  • Examples of DBMS – MySQL, Oracle, etc.
Shravni Chaukekar
Shravni Chaukekar
Course : programming languages ( C,C++, Java) The faculty here is excellent..Saina mam was my teacher here. She made sure to make the concepts as clear as possible for me and also cleared my doubts well.. Overall a good experience here
2801 Alaina shaikh
2801 Alaina shaikh
I am learning MS CIT a very friendly environment makes my learning fun
Sneha Chauhan
Sneha Chauhan
Aniket Jaiswar
Aniket Jaiswar
Course:mscit it is to easy to understand and very helpful to connect to digital world through Anubhav
Aditya Sahu
Aditya Sahu
Currently doing advanced Excel in anubhav institute ..and have to say that this class have some of the best trainers and many wonderful courses !!
Khan Arbaz
Khan Arbaz
Best experience in this institute & teacher are best
Haresh Thakur
Haresh Thakur
MSCST I like this course
Sayyed Zaid
Sayyed Zaid
Ms cit im interested
Disha Shah
Disha Shah
Disha Shah Mscit course... Till now good the way of teaching... Karishma ma'am is very polite nd her way of teaching is excellent

Advanced Excel Course Fees and Duration

Course Duration – 1 Month

Fees – 7,000/-

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