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Mr. Sharad Mahadev Linge.
Managing Director

Mr. Sharad Linge is a first generation entrepreneur. He is the soul and energy of Anubhav Computer Institute. Due to his vision, personality & integrity, Anubhav Computer Institute has grown from a small start up to a highly successful enterprise it is today.

Mr. Sharad completed Bachelors in Computer Application and followed it up with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & a Diploma in vocational training from National Council for Vocational Training. After successful stints with Mahindra & Mahindra and BEST, he started his entrepreneurial venture. With his integrity, honesty & steadfast pursuit of excellence, he transformed Anubhav computers into his successful business venture.Due to his personality, efforts & achievements Anubhav Computer Institute is operating as the Local lead Centre on behalf of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. (MKCL).

Mr. Sharad is a visionary who has a very grand vision for Anubhav Computer Institute. He has set his eyes on his vision of making Anubhav Computer Institute industry leader in providing computer education and is really clear as to how he is going to achieve it. He remains in sync with the industry and ensures that he and his team remain on top of their game every moment. By single minded pursuit of excellence in all aspects of his business his vision is very much within reach.

--Team Anubhav

Our team members are thorough professionals who are dedicated to their chosen profession. They are the masters of the craft and are proud to dispense their knowledge. Our staff has achieved industry recognised certification of their skill levels in the knowledge that they impart. Each member of our team has added value and contributed to the success of Anubhav Computer Institute. The future of the institute as well as the future of thousands of students who train under them rests on the shoulders of our team. We realize this fully and we work continuously on ourselves to remainon the top of our game continuously. Together we have started a never ending journey of perfection and we are very much confident of crossing every milestone on this journey.